Halloween Stars!

Hey guys!! How's your Halloween going? Well, I have only a few pics to show you of a few celebs for the night! Some are definitely funny.. and some are really cute! Check it out!

Brody Jenner and Right-Hand Girl Jayde Nicole. Really nice!

Singer Jeremih ready to scare someone off their feet!

Russell Simmons dressed as his brother Run from RunDMC! Classic!

Lance Gross and friend dressed like thugs from the West Coast.. so funny!

Well, while you kids were out getting candy, I was getting myself a little treat! It's so cute! Make sure you check back tomorrow to see what it is! :)

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween time! I know you guys have your festive costumes! This year I think I'm going to pass on the activities.. just because I have so much stuff to do! If you are partaking in the activities of this holiday, make sure that you are safe and have fun!

Here's a pic of Heidi Klum of Halloween 2008! Sooo Creepy!!

I'll keep you posted on other celebrities costume of 2009!
Holla back at cha!


Swanky Little Things?? What's That??

Hello Fashionistas! I wanted to let you guys know what Swanky Little Things is all about. This blog is to inform you on my personal experiences as well as what's hot in the streets! Swanky Little Things is a description of what small things enhance our everyday look. Some of the things this blog will cover is what I like to call small fashion such as rings, bangles, hats, shoes, fingernail polish, headbands, etc. Also, this blog will include tips and tricks on how to enhance grooming skills such as applying make-up, skin products, shampoo and conditioners, lip gloss, and so on! There will also be a few goodies to include that will keep you up-to-date on what the hottest A-listers are wearing! So remember to keep yourself posted on all things SWANKY!


Hello Swankettes! Welcome! First, I would like to say that I hope that everyone can benefit from this blog. As we all know, clothes are definitely an “it” factor. But in most people mind ACCESSORIES and MAKEUP is what sets the outfit together! From shoes to jewelry, we as young “fashion forward” people love to look good! I don’t want to say too much, but I will say that you will enjoy the delights of the latest styles and fashions of the exclusive accessories and makeup! Make sure you return to get great ideas and be swanky!


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