Every Age. Every Stage. Every Day. - It's Cetaphil!

It's been a while!! Well, I've been extra busy with work and planning my wedding (surprise! :D), but I have A LOT of updates for you. So, I've been on this kick about good skin products for all skin types. Normally, I would just wash my face with Dove Sensitive Skin Soap and call it a day! But now that I am wearing makeup often, I HAVE to protect my skin. No pimples! So as you can see, CETAPHIL it is!

The reason I chose this product is because I have extremely dry skin. And I've heard and read great things about Cetaphil. Also now that I live in the north and winter is basically here, this is my best friend! But I have to say that I'm in love with the Moisturizing Cream. It's very creamy and has no smell (which I love!) And it works for the whole body! I'm a little "ify" when it comes to facial cleanser or moisturizing lotions that has that fruity smell because my skin is also sensitive. This moisturizing cream is non-comedogenic (We'll come back to this word later...), fragrance free, and dermatologist recommended. Another great plus about this product is that lasts soooo long!

So I was just going to use the cream for my moisturizer and my Dove soap as my cleanser, but I realized that the Dove soap was not going to remove all the access dirt and makeup off of my face so I decided to try the cleanser. I'm a fan of using the same products that are meant for each other too. I feel as though I will get the best out of the product by doing this. But maybe I'm just OCD... hehe..

Anyway, now for the cleanser -- Okay, so when I first purchased it, I wasn't expecting the smoothness of it. And another reason I bought this product -- NON-IRRITATING! Absolutely 5 or 5 for me! I have had bad experiences on other products making my skin feel extra dry and irritating immediately after using it! So, for me, this is a huge bonus.

My Facial Regimen (w/ Makeup)
1. Lather Dove Sensitive Skin Soap on hands and rub gently on face. Rinse but leave face moist. (Removes makeup.)
2. Apply Cetaphil Cleanser on face and rub gently for 1 minute. Rinse but leave face moist. (Complete cleanses.)
3. Immediately apply Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream liberally as often on face.

Non-comedogenic -- What is that?? A product marked non-comedogenic does not contain ingredients proven to cause pore blockages. So individuals with acne should not have to worry about bringing dirt back into the skin. It is recommended that all acne patients should use makeup and skin care products clearly labeled non-comedogenic.

I'm really loving this product. It makes me feel like I'm completely cleaning my skin without the burning sensation. Tell me what you think about... and give your ideas on what products you use! Well that's it for tonight... Fabulousity is in you! :D


Forever 21 - Pastel Gold Bracelet Set

Hello Glamour Dolls! Today, I'm going to highlight this bracelet set from Forever 21 that I absolutely love! It's so trendy and cute. I also had this bracelet set in the picture of the first blog. I don't know why but I'm always trying to wear these with EVERYTHING! But to give a little description of this bracelet set -- it's very simple but gives a statement. My favorite bangle on this set is the turquoise colored bangle. It definitely sets the the tone of this bracelet set. It gives it flare and color. It doesn't have a lot of texture which indicates it's for an everyday look -- nothing fancy. The white bangle makes the set look brighter. The salmon colored bangle is milli-grained edge which sets the difference between the other bangles. The cost of this set was pretty cheap. I can't remember exactly how much, but it was pretty cheap. I think it was between $5-8 dollars. Really good price. Plus it's extra cute! But anyway, I didn't see this on the website so maybe it's unavailable online and available in stores. If you have this product, or don't have this product, tell me what you think. Good day! :)


Beauty Rush Nail Polish by Victoria's Secret-"How Sweet"

Good day Darlings! I hope all of you had a wonderful Halloween! Yesterday, I decided to go to the mall and get myself a little treat (plus, I found a Victoria's Secret gift card in my wallet with $14.00 on it! yay me!). So I decided to try the Beauty Rush nail polish from Victoria's Secret. The color I chose was the "How Sweet" color. It reminded me of a baby doll pink color. It's in a really cute bottle too.. small.. but cute. I usually don't like too put a lot of coats on the nail when applying, just because it takes a lot of time, but you definitely need it using this product. I think I may have used about 4 coats to apply it. And I like a lot of shine, so I used Sally Hansen Clear Hard as Nails. When applying the top clear coat, use 1 to 2 coats and let dry between eat clear coat. Do this when applying the nail polish as well. I've used my Sally Hansen Clear Hard as Nails A LOT so that's why it looks a little old in the picture. But I would rate this product a 2 out of 5 because it's such a small amount of nail polish for $7.00. That's a bit steep. But they do have a sale with the Beauty Rush products which are 2/$12 or 5/$20. And of course I took advantage of that! I also got Beauty Rush Wet/Dry Shadow - Bronzinger. I haven't tried it yet, but I'll let you know how it looks! If you buy this product, or these products, tell me what you like and don't like about it! Be Beautiful! :)


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