Naturally Naked

Natural Look with Urban Decay Naked Palette

I finally got a chance to do a look with this palette. Designed with shimmery and matte neutral colors, this is the ultimate palette to have in your beauty case.  For work, school, and a night out, it hits every corner of you day! 

As stated in my last blog post, I am super lucky to have this palette. I called and called ULTA and Sephora and no one seemed to have it. Until, I finally called the last ULTA in the state! LoL She told me she had one more palette left and I FLEW (not literally) to that store to get it!

This $44 palette is draped in a very soft brownish red velvet trimmed in gold sparkling letters. Inside, the colors are soo pigmented and are very easy to work with. It came with a mini Primer Potion which came in handy. It also comes with a their infamous Zero (black) and Whiskey (brown) double ended eye pencil. The mirror is a great size and you wont complain about "NAKED" written on the inside. It's really cute!

This palette is so versatile and can satisfy EVERY girls needs of all different skin tones. Since I basically called and stalked all makeup stores in the Greater Boston area for this palette, you may not be able to find it in stores or online right now. But go to www.sephora.com and put your name and email on the waiting list so that you can be contacted as soon as more are made. Let me know if you have this palette or what you think of it. Hope you enjoyed!


~Naked on lid
~Smog on outer
~Hustle on crease (lightly)
~Virgin as highlight


Ulta Shopping!

Ulta Haul 

I went shopping at Ulta today and had my mine set on one thing... Urban Decay's NAKED palette! I called and searched all of Boston Metro area for this darn palette and the Natick location said they only had ONE left.  I asked the associate if she could hold it for me until they closed. She said "yes" but she didn't want to. She told me that she would rather not keep it that long but agreed that she would do it just for me. I said thank you, but as soon as I my lunch break came I was gone. Gone to get the #1 palette everyone has been talking about for Fall! So after buying it, I realized that I needed something else to calm my nerves from all the rushing! LoL

I stopped, looked, and realized that I needed --- polish! I immediately saw the OPI Swiss collection and fell in love with their winter colors! The give the true definition of warm tones. I also decided to pick up what I like to call -- "End of the Summer" nail polish. Essie's Lapis of Luxury was a perfect choice. This color is from The Resort Collection inspiring from beaches, baby blue skys, and relaxation! Cute color for the end of the summer! I also decided to pick up some NYX products. They have a lot to chose from and it was hard to make up my mind on what I needed. So I decided to try some of their palettes and lipgloss.

I'll be doing a review on these products soon. So stay tuned!



E.L.F Beauty Book: Eye Brights Edition

Back to School Look - E.L.F. Beauty Book

I decided to create a look for those returning back to school wearing pink! Since pink is almost the first color MOST girls run to, I decided to use that color. It's girly, cute, and looks good on anyone. Here's the look:

I love this color! It looks so Hollywood! LoL 

The palette I used was the new E.L.F. Beauty Book: Eye Brights Edition. It was only $5 so you know I had to get it! It comes with 12 eyeshadows, 1 eyeliner, and 1 eyeshadow applicator that fits perfectly into this small little book. It also has a step by step guide on how to apply your makeup for beginners. It's perfect for traveling. No need to bring your makeup case 'cause all the colors you need are in this palette!

The eye shadows are very pigmented which is great for the price. They are somewhat glitterly and may have a lot of fall out when applying. So make sure when you apply these eyeshadows you use a "patting" motion with your eyeshadow brush instead of "swiping" motions. You don't what glitter all over your face!

This palette is available at Target or www.eyesfacelips.com. Make sure you try their products! They have great quality products with the "School Girl" affordable price! Have a good school year!



~E.L.F Beauty Book: Eye Brights Edition in Pink on lid
~MAC Texture as highlight
~MAC Embark in crease
~Rimmel LipColour in Coral Shimmer on lips


Boston Fashion Week 2010

Boston Fashion Week 2010: Sept 24 - Oct. 1

Boston Fashion Week is such an anticipated week for Bostonians. Although I've only lived here for a year, it stuck out like a sore thumb last fall! I wanted to attend some of the events but couldn't because of my wedding. So this year, it's a MUST for me to get the scope up close and personal!

Contrary to NYC Fashion Week, it's not about the designers and new collections that we have heard all before. You can't just walk up and go to a show in NYC. It's VERY restricted. But Boston Fashion Week is about new, innovative, edgy locals PLUS established designers who have just the talent to be better than main stream designers. Their events are catered to all ages and all price ranges (some are complimentary admission) for everyone! And that's what I love about it!

It appears to be a great way to network and interact with the public to showcase your passion. It welcomes you to express yourself and participate in they're runway shows as well as learn important steps to make your goals marketable.

I will be checking out some of these events and I can't wait to tell you about it! Check out the schedule for this year's events!

As of 8/25/10 (schedule subject to change)

Sept. 23 - Fashion Perspective Screening - 6pm

Sept. 24 - Hotel Chocolat Fashion Event - 6pm
Industry Celebration Event -9pm

Sept. 25 - Independent Designer's Market/I.D. Market - TBA
Fashion 101 for Teens - 2pm
CHIC -Cure Her In Couture - 7pm
3rd Annual The Emerging Trends Fashion Show - 8pm
Drea Designs Couture Fashion Show - TBA

Sept. 26 - The Launch feat. 5 aspiring photographers - 2pm
Siostra Productions Present: Fashion Resurrected - TBA
F.R.E.E. - Fashion Reminds Everyone to Evolve - 6:30pm
Same Mendoza Fashion Show - 8pm
Celebrating Women Fashion - TBA

Sept. 27 - Copley Catwalk - 12pm
PechaKucha Boston 19 (meet & network event) - 6pm
Selah D'or S/S 2011 Collection - TBA

Sept. 28 - Denise Hajjar's 2010 Fall/Winter Collection - 6pm
Strike a Pose (fundraiser) - TBA
Runway Repurposed + Stack the Racks (a benefit for AIDS Action) - TBA

Sept. 29 - Sustainbable Style with Stillista - 6pm
Nirva Fashion Show - 8pm

Sept. 30 - Rising Design Fashion Show - 7pm
ARTicle and F.O.B. clothing - TBA
The Swapaholics' Boston Fashion Week Sip & Swap - TBA

Oct. 1 - Museum of Fine Arts - Fashion First Fridays - 5:30pm
Beauty, Fashion & Wellness - 6pm
Daniela Corte Fashion Show - 8pm
Shubrah Fall/Holiday 2010 Fashion Show - TBA

For more events, details, locations, & admission requirements go to http://www.bostonfashionweek.com/.


Product Review: Best Nail Hardener Ever!

Nutra Nail - Nail Hardener with Green Tea

I love getting acrylic on my nails, but I HATE taking them off to see my naturally thin, unhealthy nails. Usually the acrylic grows my nails to a length that I love.. but SERIOUSLY can't keep. So I decided to go searching for a nail hardener that REALLY worked.

Mostly everyone I asked told me to try Sally Hansen's Nail Diamond products, but I instantly said NO! (had a bad experience) So I googled and finally found Nutra Nail!

Nutra Nail - Nail Hardener does EXACTLY what it says. It is formulated to firmly bond nail layers and fill in weak spots. It forms a hard, protective shield against daily wear and tear. It's for short, weak, brittle nails. Its a product that I can't complain about. My nails never had the white tips naturally. Now they do with using this product.

I really recommend using this product if your nails can't grow past a certain length, brittle, thin, and easily break. I saw results with the product in 2 days! Try this product and tell me how you like it!



iPhone Users: Fashion Network App

Fashion Network App for iPhone

Wanna keep up with your favorite designers collection? Check out the Fashion Network App! It features Betsy Johnson, Diane von Furstenberg, Gucci, Badgley & Michska, etc. AND IT'S FREE!

Very simple app too! Just find your favorite designer, click and watch the runway show as if you were there yourself!

If you have Wi-Fi it will show every hot designer out there! If your on 3G, it will only allow a few to be available. :( But hey, it's free.. so why not! Make sure you check it out!



24th BirthDay: รก la Montreal

Maple Lovin' Montreal 2010

Had so much fun with Trevor, Justin and LaDean this past weekend! We definitely celebrated my birthday in style!

Rouge Nail Bar was a sure treat. Located on 3790 Boul. St. Laurent Montreal, QC H2W 1X6, Canada was sure a convenient stop while shopping! It was such a cute shop but no where for our sweeties to sit. There was only seating for clients. As far as the technicians, well... let's just say they are skimpy on the polish. And they only AIR dry. I've never been to such a classy nail salon before.. so maybe I'm overreacting! I was a little disappointed because they didn't have the previous line of OPI (Hong Kong Collection) which I was looking forward to trying! :( So I just used OPI's Chapel of Love. It was a cute color for the end of the summer!

Montreal is such a romantic city! I didn't want to leave. It was hard packing to head for that 5 hour drive back to Boston. We ate good food and partied every night! Shopping, pampering, time with my favorites, and a beautiful city made my birthday very special!


~Dress: Forever 21
~Shoes: Aldo
~Earrings: Forever 21
~Eyes: Zingy by MAC
~Lips: Pink Kiss by E.L.F.


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