Tucker ♥

Everyone... Meet Tucker!

I love him so much! :) He says, "Woof!" (which means "Hi Everyone!" in Doggy talk.) haha

xoxo - Brittany*


Sunday Sunny Day

Since today was such a beautiful day in Boston, I decided to wear my body con skirt that I bought from Forever 21 last year. I paired it with rusty orange-y blazer I thirsted this winter. Hope you enjoy! :)

By the way, tell your Mom Happy Mother's Day for me! :)




Hi there! This past week I got a promotion at work... YAY!! I was super excited! On that same day, I came home from work, ready to celebrate and there was a FedEx box in front of my door. I thought it was my Kevin Aucoin Eyelash Curler that I order from HauteLook a couple of weeks ago (arrrggghhh!). I opened it up.. and this is what I found. (No makeup.. BEWARE!)

1/8 ct Fleur-de-lis screw back earrings.

I love him so much! A beautiful gift to my already wonderful day! :)



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