Floral Obsession

Unpacking has been hectic but I've just started to arrange my clothes so that I can see everything. I'm realizing now that I have WAY too much stuff and some things need to be sold or thrown out. I call myself actually cleaning my closet before we left Boston, but I'll tackle that another day!

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Floral top and shoes: F21 | Jeans: Random Boutique | Watch: Guess | Necklace: Bakers | Accessories: Aldo

I've been a bit crazy with florals lately. If you follow my Instagram, you've seen that my past outfits  has been some interpretation of floral. This top was actually bought last year and since I've seen it to be big trend this year, I became inspired to wear it.

Which spring trend do you like best? -- Florals, Mixing Prints, or Neon?

Well the weekend is near loves!  Enjoy!


New Beginnings


OMG.. I have no idea what my husband and I were thinking when we DROVE from Boston to Texas. I wouldn't wish that on ANYONE. But for those who were wondering, we made it safely. We stopped in North Carolina where majority of the city was celebrating March Madness and St. Patrick's Day combined. Such a sight to see! lol

Now that we are here, it's been okay to adjusting. Spending time with family and friends has made this move worth while. And this WEATHER is... absolutely lovely. I can't wait to burst out my new neon brights to get in the Spring spirit.

Are any of you wearing neons this Spring?

Hope you guys are having a wonderful spring so far! 

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Dropping by...

Hello loves! Thanks for your sweet comments on my last post. I'm trying to soak up as much as Boston as I can before I leave!

Here's an outfit worn some time ago. I scored all of this outfit (except for the shoes) in a Zara sale a couple of months ago.



Blouse, Grazers: Zara
Pumps: Target
Clutch/Bag: Vintage

How do you guys feel about the pointed shoulders on this shirt?

I was skeptical at first but I think it adds interest!
Hope you enjoy!



Change has always been something I was very comfortable with. I loved change! I loved new experiences, new people, a new focus, a new adventure. 
Now that it's final that I'll be moving from the New England area (the crazy roller coaster), this change is a little..... sad.

Although I've complained a lot about the cold winters, the not-so-friendly people (which is NOT true), the horrible drivers (which is VERY true), I've come to realize that Boston was the very thing I needed in my life to overcome fears and accomplish goals that I've always wanted to do. 

For the past month or so, I've been preparing this move and preparing myself for what life has in store for me. In this, I've noticed that I've neglected some of you (blog, twitter, texts, events, etc.) and I want to apologize. This has been heavy on my heart and expressing it here is appropriate to me.

OKAY.. enough of the deep stuff! Thanks to a couple of people, I've already depleted gallons of tears from saying goodbye and I don't want to start again! :'-)

Thank you Boston for being so good to me! I love you!


Woven Cardi: Vintage
Bustier, High-Waisted shorts: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: JC Fairlane

Be on the look out for more posts this weekend! :)


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